Sunday, June 6, 2010

Birthdays, visitors and Nauvoo

Nathan is 10 - Double digits! He reminded me that this is over halfway to the point where he goes on his mission. He took a treasure hunt to find some golf clubs and had a mini golf outing with the family. He also wanted me to bring Panda Express to lunch at school and eat with him.

Rachel is 15 - She finally got a cell phone!! Rachel always wants watermelon for dinner and homemade ice cream for dessert on her birthday. She had a bonfire party with some friends as well.

My parents came to visit for birthdays, their anniversary and a trip to Nauvoo. It is always nice to have them come. We stay busy - here we are downtown at the Aquarium.
Nauvoo - Nauvoo is such an amazing place. Every time I go and hear stories of the people who lived there, I am filled with admiration. We took in a brass band concert, trip to the temple, touring some of the homes and shops and then went to Carthage Jail.

Renee's pleasures

There are many things I take pleasure in, but here are a few for now....

The Temple - I am enjoying spending more time here. I am so grateful for the power, inspiration and peace I feel as I make this a higher priority in my life.

Gardens - The Chicago Botanic Garden is the 2nd most visited garden in the United States, second only to Longwood in Pennsylvania. I have enjoyed more frequent visits here, literally watching flowers and plants bloom before my eyes. It is so beautiful!!
Blair - I am so lucky to have him as mine. He never stops working or praying or trying or smiling. He inspires me to be better and loves me for who I am.

4 Cute Kids - You will notice we are all getting closer to the same size. That unfortunately means we all are getting older. The time goes by so quickly! I enjoy each of their unique personalities and watching them learn and progress. I am so blessed to be a mother.

Reading - There is a magic time right after everyone leaves for school and work when I can curl up and enjoy reading. I find the promises made to us regarding the Book of Mormon are so true as we study it and love it! Lauren laughs that I am always consulting parenting books. I love reading of how others have been successful. I would much rather read a biography than anything fiction. It is fascinating to me to hear of the paths other's lives have taken and how they have overcome.


SEWING - For Spring Break, Rachel worked on making this cute dress. We altered and adjusted and modified and improvised to get this final product. Quite an accomplishment!

MEANWHILE, Megan and Blair were off to Utah to celebrate his parent's 60th wedding anniversary.

This is a good portion of the Holbrook Clan.

Megan spent time with her Hyde cousins and went to General Conference as well.