Sunday, January 11, 2009


Looking back on Lauren's life.... what a journey she has had.!!Summertime 1993 - Lauren was such a fun new baby. It was amazing to watch her grow and learn and change.
August 1994 - 19 months old. This is just a few days after Lauren's 1st transplant. It was a miracle to watch as her coloring, energy and personality improved within days of receiving a perfectly-working heart.
January 1996 - 3 years old - one of the last times she let mom choose her dresses for her.
1998 - 5 Years old and sweet as can be.
October 1999 - Never has a child been so excited to start 1st grade!! After a scary rejection episode in August of that year, Lauren had to be home-tutored the first few months. It was so disappointing. All of her immunosuppression meds had to be boosted, thus the chubby cheeks.

May 2000 - 7 years old and so excited to be a big sister to Nathan!
8 years old. Lauren did take ballet for a season. Every mother dreams of watching her girls in a dance recital. I did get to see one or two. Lauren just didn't have the endurance to be able to stick with it.
Jan 2005 - 6th Grade and feeling great. (12 years old)

Dec 2006 - The post-chemo hairdo. Lauren hates this picture, but I love how she is still smiling - that speaks volumes about her life.
14 years old - Jan 2007 - using a wig/hat combo to cover the bald head.

November 26, 2007 - shortly after midnight - just after getting the phone call about a heart, 3rd time around. She doesn't look like she has a terribly diseased and damaged heart, does she?
November 2007 - A few days post-transplant. Looking back, it is hard to believe all those wires and tubes ever got disconnected.
Spring 2008 - This is Lauren's transplant cardiologist, Dr. Pahl, the brains behind everything good that has happened to Lauren since we moved to Chicago in Jan 2007.

Now look at skinny Lauren with her beautiful straight long hair, free of steroids, driving us all out to dinner for her 16th birthday. I am so grateful to be her mom - she is such an example of faith and optimism and courage.