Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lauren turns 17

Lauren turned 17 on January 7th. She felt great, went to school, celebrated at California Pizza Kitchen, and came home to this masterpiece.

I stopped making cute and fun cakes years ago, but Rachel was home sick that day. Her creative juices started going, and before long, Lauren had a horse cake. She was very surprised and quite happy!!

Lauren keeps reminding us that next year will be her last birthday at home before going off to college. How did I get so old?
Other good news: Lauren's annual heart cath, angio and biopsy were at the end of December. Her coronary arteries look beautiful and there are no signs of rejection. Congrats!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Charity Bash

For the last 2 weeks of school in December, Lake Zurich High School tries to raise money for a charity. Each year, a different charity is chosen based on nominations from students. Lauren nominated Make-A-Wish and, based on her essay, that was the charity chosen. At the assembly to kick things off, Lauren made a speech and our family was highlighted in a video. They gave a brief account of Lauren's story and then encouraged the student body to "make a difference."
Activities designed to raise money included a human foosball game, silent auctions, bake sales, talent show, T-Shirt sales, duct tape teachers to the walls, penny wars, $2000 day, and a dance.
The grand total was $45,632!!
Think of the wishes that will grant. What a way to start off our holiday celebrating.