Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Spelling Bee

Nathan was recently in the school spelling bee. The 4th and 5th graders send 2 kids from each class to participate. He made it through 10 rounds knowing words like vengeance, exercise, faucet, and palatable only to get out on the word haddock. I take responsibility for that since the only fish we eat at this house is salmon. He's excited to make a run for it next year as a 5th grader! This week he plans to write a speech about why he should be the class rep for student council, then he will be an emcee for the talent show. He doesn't ever mind being in the spotlight.

The Gift of Organization

This may look like just a sleek new furniture piece, but it actually is a 4-part unit I was given as a Christmas gift. Why, you may ask?The picture below should answer that question. Everything you see here was all over the kitchen table, office desk and office floor every day after school and all weekend. Don't you love those projects that a child is working on for a week at a time? Where do they end up? Now, there is no longer a mess, my frustration level is much lower, and I never have to answer the question...."Mom, where did my worksheet, binder, artwork, lunchbox, etc, etc, etc, go?"
What a thoughtful gift!!! Thanks Blair.