Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We survived the storm!!!!!

This is Rachel.... So last night we were enjoying watching the blizzard out of the living room window when we heard a huge noise. Dad and Megan came to the rescue and went outside. They braved the cold and wind to move the grill, take off the swings, and pick up the two huge pieces of siding that had blown off.
When we woke up this morning, this is what we saw... It is really hard to capture what we really see, but hopefully you get the idea.
Huge, ginormous amounts of snow everywhere!!!
Our lovely backyard has well over two feet of snow without the drifts. Our forsythia bushes are half covered, you can only get down half the slide, and our white chair is barely visible.
The view from outside Lauren's bedroom window before everyone started shoveling and snowblowing. The raod was freshly plowed, and it was beautiful.

Megan and Nathan were the first to emerge. This drift is over half the size of Megan!!

After beginning to snowblow and shovel the driveway (a process that took 4 of us 2 hours), we decided to measure how much we got. 24 inches where there was no extra from wind!!

Our front door looked very inviting considering you could barely see the door, let alone, open it.

The normal snow plows weren't big enough to handle the initial drive through 2 feet of snow, so they got out huge John Deere trucks with massive plows to drive through just once. A little bit later a regular snow plow came through. But it got stuck in front of our neighbor's house and had to be shoveled out. haha

I told Dad that we finally got our mountains in Illinois :)

If you look closely, you can see me (Rachel) standing behind this pile of snow. It's almost as tall as me! We'll let you know in July when it is finally melted.

Nathan went out to play in the backyard, but got tired so sat down on our nice little bench.
We have survived the blizzard. The cold? I'm not so sure. Windchills tonight and tomorrow are supposed to get down to -20 degrees. Without the wind, the high tomorrow is 9 degrees and the high tonight is 0 degrees. So we'll see if we can survive that too....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Chicago Blizzard

This is how it looked at 2:00 pm today. Fairly calm, lightly snowing....
Blair's office closed and he worked from home today and will tomorrow as well. The kids all arrived home from school excited that it is cancelled tomorrow. At 7:00 pm, this is all the camera could see.
They say the worst part of the storm is between 9 pm and 5 am with snow coming 3-4 inches per hour and high winds. We'll be staying inside!!!!