Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Simple Pleasures of Home

We came home from the hospital today after Lauren's 2nd round of chemo treatments. This time around was much better than the last. So far, no mouth sores or nausea. The trauma of losing all her hair is past as well. She will have various follow-ups, but the plan is to be readmitted on Sept 4th for round 3. It is so therapeutic to feel the sunshine and hear the sounds of the outdoors. I took a long bike ride and enjoyed getting some much-needed exercise. There is something so calming about cleaning a bathroom and sweeping a floor when you haven't been home to do it for awhile. I enjoyed my dinner I cooked in an oven and on the stove rather than a microwave warmed-up campbell's soup or cafeteria food. There is a rhythm when you listen to the birds and the neighbor's sprinklers.

Lauren and I took a walk outside and she made it down the block and back. We will try for a longer distance tomorrow. Simple pleasures that we so often take for granted!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Camps, Nauvoo, and Chemo

Photoshoot of Megan and Lauren - 12 and 16 - better late than never!!!


The first part of the summer was full of camps, camps and more camps. Megan went to basketball and band camp. Nathan had cub scout camp. All 3 girls went to girls camp, then the 2 older ones had youth conference. Rachel took a trip to Seattle, Washington to visit Jeff and family and go to Especially for Youth. Here she is with some of her newest friends.

With Conner at the space needle.

NAUVOO - Next we took a short family vacation to Nauvoo. Renee's parents are serving a 6 month temple mission there, so we went to visit them as well as to see the sights.

CHEMO - So, Lauren and Blair left Nauvoo early to head back to Chicago to Children's Hospital. Lauren had some sever back pain, which, after a CT and biopsy showed B-cell lymphoma - Cancer. This is her 4th time around and very discouraging. Anyway, the first round of chemo began Wed July 22nd, the same day she was supposed to have been on a plane to Utah for visiting and EFY. She came home for a few days but is back in the hospital again trying to fight an infection. As always, she can use any faith and prayers sent in her behalf.

Lauren has a blog with more detailed updates on her condition and activities. See lauren2hearts.blogspot.com.