Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Botanic Gardens

This is Rachel writing because Mom and I went to the Botanic Gardens on Wednesday. That's because I had no school because of Junior testing. All of the crab apple trees were in full bloom, and it was absolutely gorgeous!!!! Here are some of the pictures that I took.

So mom isn't very happy that this picture is on top, but I don't know how to fix that on here, so it's at the top. Mom matches the tulips. It's pretty cute.

The trees on the far side are the blossoming crab apple trees. I think this picture looks like it is somewhere from Europe.

I love how I got my camera to focus on the one branch and make the rest of the picture blurry. I think it is so cool!!
This is one of my favorites. I like how it shows the detail of the pink and white blossoms with the green leaves in the background.

Some lady took this picture for us. We are in front of the tulips that were all just about ready to die, but from far away, you can't really tell.

I decided to climb under the tree. It was actually very roomy, but mom had me squat so she could take my picture.

Mom really liked the magenta-ish flower here. And with the cross fence thingy in the back, I thought it looked like a garden.

I like this view of the tulips. But I didn't notice the creepy shadow on the yellow tulip when I first took the picture. See it? Yah, it's creepy.
Happy Spring Everyone!!!!!!