Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rachel's Week (and a little more)

So, Mom is currently busy and she suggested that I, Rachel, do an update on the blog to tell everyone what has been going on in my life.

The 8th Grade Bash
We'll start with May 29. The school threw a party for all the 8th graders. It was all Hollywood themed and tons of fun. They even put in a sign in the front of the school that looked just like the Hollywood sign. There was also a red "carpet" leading from the street up to the front door.
This is me with some of my friends. Marissa is in the middle and Sara is on the end.

These are more of my friends, Janine, Ahlena, and Sara (again).
8th Grade Graduation

Then on June 3, I had 8th grade graduation. Here in the lovely place called Illinois, they make a huge deal about it. I think it is way overrated. This is me standing in front of the house in my graduation dress and gown. I went shopping for shoes earlier that day.

This is me standing in front of my seat after we walked into the High School gym where the graduation occurred.

This is me standing in front of my seat after I walked across the stage (in high heels) and I am holding my diploma.

This is me and Marissa (you saw her earlier) after the graduation ended. I finished off the night by going to Panera with my family and our stake president from New Jersey.

The Botanic Gardens

Because I am an 8th grader this year, I got out of school the day of graduation and the rest of the district gets out on Thursday the 11th. I spent June 4th with my mom. We went to Jamba Juice then headed over to the Chicago Botanic Gardens.

We saw this awesome chair. I think it looks like a sombrero, but it is also a chair. So, I called it a sombchair. It's pretty funny whether you think so or not.

This is me in front of a small section of a field of poppies in the garden. They were very pretty. We finished off by going to Quizno's for lunch and then went shopping at the mall.

My 14th Birthday Party

On June 6th I had a bunch of my Illinois friends over for a party where we played games. Here are most of us playing Pigs. It is an amazing game where you roll the rubber pigs and get points. You should buy it if you don't have it.

This is us playing the most intense peanut game in the entire world. You take turns being "it" and rolling a die to get a certain number. When it is rolled, everyone else has to pull their peanut out of the middle (they are attached on strings). If "it" catches your peanut under the pot lid they slam down, you have to give them a peanut from your bank of peanuts. It is very fun!!

This is all of us sitting in front of the piano after eating dessert. The back row from left to right: Aneta, me, Rachel, and Courtney. Front row: Jacquelyn, Marissa (again), Sara, and Katie.

The Band "Banquet"
June 8
Every year the band, orchestra, and chorus has a banquet. This year it was held at our school to save on the cost. Each group gives out awards. Megan got the Most Valuable Player for her 6th grade band. This is an award only one person gets, and the band votes on it. Mr. Koehler (our band director) also chooses a lot of other awards. However, the highest award you can get is the Band Member of the Year. He selects it for best performer, leader, attitude, and "all around darn good kids."

This year he chose me to be the recipient of this award. He also gave it to another kid which has never happened before. I was really excited.

Then, becuase we are 8th graders, it was our responsibility to give the speech and present to Mr. Koehler to carry on the tradition. Marissa, Sara, and I spent 5 1/2 hours on Monday and many other hours at her house putting it all together. We had a kid jump out of a box and we gave him over $200 in the space of 25 gift cards to Target, Starbucks and Best Buy. We wrote messages on all of them and everything. It was... fun. And interesting.

This is me and Megan posing for a picture with our awards. The giant bow on her head is the one that was on top of the box the kid jumped out of.

This is me and Megan with our band director, Mr. Koehler. Just so you know, I accidentally closed one of my eyes during the picture.
This week has been very exciting and fun. I hope you all have a great summer and I am happy I have just finished my very first blog post.