Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bugler's Holiday with Band accompaniment

Here are brief snippets of Bugler's Holiday with the band in the background.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March Madness

All of our March Madness began with the high school band contest called Solo and Ensemble where Megan did a solo and a clarinet choir, Rachel did a trio, duet, and solo, and I accompanied 15 different events. It was a crazy day but everyone did well.This is Rachel's trio at Solo and Ensemble. This was the first time they performed Bugler's Holiday.

The next event was the high school band concert. Here is Megan with the clarinets.
At the concert, Rachel's duet with her friend Lindsey got an award for "Best of Day" from Solo and Ensemble meaning their judge thought their duet was the best thing she heard all day.
That weekend, Bishop Blair and the two girls spent 23 hours at the church for an entire weekend for a Book of Mormon marathon where they read the whole Book of Mormon cover to cover.
Next in our March Madness was NHS Induction where Rachel joined the National Honors Society.
Following that, we had another concert. This time it was the high school orchestra where the trio played Bugler's Holiday this time with the symphony orchestra accompanying them instead of just me. It sounded great!
And in case two high school concerts wasn't enough, the next night Rachel had the Wind Ensemble Invitational where her trio performed Bugler's Holiday for the last time. This time, though, they played with 3 college trumpet players and had the Wheaton College Symphonic Band accompany them. WOW!!!
So, naturally, four events at the high school meant that I needed to go to the middle school. Good thing Nathan had his show the next night. Their spring play was "Get Smart" and Nathan was Fred, one of the college kids. He did an excellent job!!
But I didn't feel like one trip to the middle school was enough, so the next week we went to his chorus concert. Nathan gets so into the music and is one of the most animated kids on the stage.
And then two nights later, the Madness continued because we got to go back for Nathan's band concert where he is first chair saxophone and we can only see him when he sits up really tall and peers over the stands.
And while this all happened, SPRING CAME!! After the most mild winter ever, spring came in early March with singing birds, blooming flowers, blossoming trees, lots of sunshine, and warm weather.
Rachel got her Senior Pictures taken to advertise the studio for the other juniors at her high school and they turned out beautifully!!
And to top it all off, MEGAN IS DRIVING!!!! She got her permit and asks if she can drive everywhere all the time despite having very little practice yet. However, she is doing quite well.
And now the kids are on spring break to relax after all this March Madness. But if that was March, I'm not sure I want to see what April and May have to bring. Wish us luck!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bugler's with orchestra

Here is the entire Bugler's Holiday with the HS orchestra. Rachel cringes when the strings try to hit their high notes.