Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Thanksgiving weekend - 2007 - Lauren was headed to the hospital for her 3rd heart transplant. That gives us a lot to be thankful for!!
Thanksgiving weekend - 2011 - Lauren stayed in Utah and the rest of us went to Nauvoo. Here are the kids in front of the Mansion House - one of the prophet Joseph's homes.
We fixed an early Thanksgiving dinner and took leftovers with us to a condo.
Thanksgiving morning we went to Carthage Jail. No matter how many times I go to these sights, I learn more about the sacrifices and challenges the early saints had to endure. Wow!
The homes and shops had their old-fashioned Christmas decorations up.
Blair took us to the old pioneer cemetery. We found Nancy Holbrooks headstone, the wife of Joseph Holbrook.
The Nauvoo temple is beautiful both inside and out. There were actually several weddings that weekend.
Nathan is such a good sport and posed for a sunset shot on the Mississippi river.
This year was a bit somber for us. Some dear friends from our Utah days were in a car accident. The husband was killed and the wife sustained some severe injuries. My young cousin lost her husband in a tragic accident as well. It just causes a lot of reflection about the blessings I have and the struggles others have to go through. I am grateful for the strength and blessing that my family and the promises of the gospel provide.

A Budding Star

Nathan is only in 6th grade, but he was cast in the school musical.
He was Zeke, the farmhand who talks to Dorothy about having courage.
Then he sang and danced as a munchkin.
Next part - one of the lollipop guild. The boys weren't expecting the audience to laugh at them, so they had a hard time keeping straight faces.
The Ozzians welcome Dorothy and her friends to the land of Oz all dressed in green costumes.
Nathan is posing by the tinman (tin-girl in this case) - isn't that a great costume?
The show was amazing and so well done - he had a great time and learned a lot about theater, singing, dancing, and stage management. The directors loved his enthusiasm and personality!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Monday morning

Monday morning I woke up feeling a bit uneasy, heavy-hearted and helpless. Based on activities from the weekend, everyone had issues I was concerned about this week. However, they weren't things I could solve for them or really even help them with. The joys of wifehood/motherhood.
Then Lauren called at 6:30 am her time. When we moved her in to the dorm, we went to Target and bought all kinds of supplies. One thing on that list was a barf basin. There was some debate over what size, shape,etc. would be best, but she chose a wide silver bowl. Because of all her surgeries and some of her meds, her GI system struggles. She has had to use that bowl more times in the last 2 months than we want to count, especially the last week. Anyway, yesterday she was sick again and knew she was getting dehydrated. Once this starts for her, it is a quick downward spiral. Not only was she sick, but frustrated and disheartened. We tried to talk through options and she decided to get a blessing and get to the ER.
It is so tough to watch people you love struggle and not be able to do much for them except to provide comfort and pray. So, I went to get a slice of heaven. My friend Christie just had a precious baby girl and her snuggle was just what I needed! I didn't say anything to them, but while there, out of the blue, Christie's mom mentioned as a side note that there was a lot of power in prayer.
I pray for Lauren all the time, but I left and did my grocery shopping, walking up and down the isles praying a bit more specifically that Lauren's body would respond quickly. The helpless feeling subsided a bit and I was reminded that sometimes prayer is enough and is all you can do. Then I came home and read a note from a friend whose child is struggling through something I can't even imagine dealing with. Some of her comments gave me great insight and reminded me that Heavenly Father knows our kids and loves them even more than we do.
ER visits are rarely a short experience for Lauren - they always seem to be the beginning of a long struggle, so she went prepared to at least spend the night. But, after only a few hours of IV fluids, she was so much better!
As she called last night after arriving home, the lilt in her voice was back! New friends had picked her up, balloons and all. She mentioned that Pres Monson is speaking at their devotional today. Silver bowl in hand or not, she is determined to be there!
I went to sleep last night grateful for tender mercies -
*young men who have been taught well and are excited and prepared to use the priesthood when asked
*a sweet baby, a quick thought, and a note on the day I need it
*family members who go to the rescue
*the beauty of IV fluids
*a daughter who knows how to get help and what kind she needs
*the power of prayer