Saturday, February 23, 2013

Some dreams come true...and some have to wait

February 19 - Rachel opens the email congratulating her on admittance to the BYU School of Music as a part of the trumpet studio!!!  I went with her to the audition the end of January and am amazed at her talent and hard work and passion for her music.  So grateful she gets the chance to follow her dream!!!!

Megan, on the other hand....  She made the varsity basketball team as a sophomore and was working so hard and enjoying the game that she loves.  One day at practice, she planted her foot to turn and felt her knee pop.
 Verdict - Feb 22 - ACL replacement using tendons from her hamstring, repairs of torn medial and lateral meniscus.  This brace will be her best friend for 6-8 weeks.  We plan to see her following her dream out on the court again in 4-6 months.
She did manage to get her license and have her 16th birthday!
Lauren is living the college-life dream.  She got a job at the library as a research assistant working with European documents.  The perfect position for a history-geek, as she affectionately calls herself.
Nathan, Blair and I are just dreaming as we sleep for now.