Friday, December 28, 2007

Life is Good!!

We have been home from the hospital for over 2 weeks now. The amazing thing is how good Lauren feels. She hasn't woken me up in the night once, hasn't mentioned or wondered what to do about any pains or discomfort, and has been talking and laughing and playful and energetic. That may not sound too amazing, but it seems like it has been 3 years since we have had 2 weeks this good. It really is hard to believe!
My kids are so great. Megan is on a basketball team that is really pushing her and is competitive. Even her practices have been fun to watch. Her homework from last night is to practice yelling the plays louder. Nathan still likes to snuggle with his mom. When you are in 2nd grade, everything is exciting and I love watching his face light up when he tells us stuff. And where would we be without Rachel? She just makes us laugh all the time. She finds the craziest things funny. She is also thoughtful and tender and kind, like her dad.

Blair and I were talking the other night about his job. How is it that he now has a better salary, less stress, hardly any travel and enjoys going to work every day? He almost feels guilty about those he left behind in the New York environment.

We are having a fun Christmas vacation. It has been so much better than we had hoped. We have played tons of games, read lots of stories, watched movies, worked on puzzles and lego projects, and baked more treats than we should. The kids are all good enough that they can play duets on the piano and other instruments together. It is neat to watch. They got a laptop for Christmas which will definitely help our homework issues.