Thursday, April 24, 2008

April 24, 2008

So, I had another birthday and am still 40 something.

Blair (my amazing husband) took me away for the weekend to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Who would have ever thought I would be visiting Wisconsin? It is a quaint little town and we had a great time.

For 3 months, Lauren used the kitchen table for all her schoolwork. It is a bit lonely now. She returned to school Feb 26th and has only missed 2 days of school for biopsies since then. By the way, the biopsies have been perfect and she feels wonderful. By early March, she was all caught up and ranked #4 in her class of 582 students. Go Lauren!! The steroid dose is getting lower each month and she is hoping to be off of them soon.

She got her driver's permit in honor of my birthday and is soooooo excited!!

Rachel loves it when I straighten her hair - it takes 45 minutes, but she is so happy when it is done. She does all kinds of amazing things, but this month won a $400.oo savings bond for taking 1st place in a local spelling bee.

Megan is the one with her back to the camera the night of her 5th grade band concert. She had the assignment of tuning up the entire band. Can you believe that? She also played many hours of basketball this winter in a league through the high school. She is an awesome point guard!

Nathan is getting anxious for his 8th birthday and has started learning to tie his own tie. It is a bit sad to watch him grow up.

He came home from school one day with a loose front tooth. I wanted to get his 8 year old picture taken with nice teeth, so we ran to the mall to buy him his first suit. We stopped at home for dinner and to take this picture, but the tooth fell out before we made it to the picture place. Oh well, I tried.