Sunday, May 31, 2009

May Fun

Father and Son's Campout despite bad weather - good thing we have a big basement floor.
S'mores are just as good in the microwave as over the campfire according to Nathan.

While everyone was having extended family barbecues and visiting cemetery's, we had a nice picnic and played games in our backyard to celebrate Memorial Day.

The morning had begun with a ward breakfast featuring the debut of the ward band. Rachel and Megan played their usual instruments, but Nathan was recruited to be the symbols and bass drum player.

They played a rousing version of the Star Spangled Banner.

Nathan's Birthday

Here is Nathan's wish list for his birthday.
Now, you should know that I am not a dog person. I think they are very cute. Various children in our family have asked and pleaded over the years for a dog. However, it is very clear to me that the mother of the house is the one who walks the dog, cleans up after it, buys the food, toys, etc. that are required, takes it to the vet and the groomer, etc. etc.

Because of my strong feelings about dogs, I was prepared this time around. After breakfast with Dad before school, Nathan opened his dog. Nintendogs makes a cute battery-operated dog that barks and wags and plays - just doesn't make any messes. (Target carries it - I love that store!)

Just so no one thinks I am completely hard-hearted, I arranged for Nathan to go play with our neighbor's dog. He walked her (Daphne) after school and did tricks with her and was very happy. What a success!!!

Nathan ate his dinner at Panda Express with chopsticks and made a fruit pizza for dessert.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Rachel's Birthday

Rachel Celeste Holbrook - 14 years old on May 23rd We began the day with sticky buns and opening the first gift. It was a Saturday - all the better.
Jamba Juice for an afternoon snack. Her favorite is Orange Dream Machine.

Rachel loves to read and chose to spend a good part of the day curled up with a new book in the sun.

Homemade ice cream and homemade hot fudge finished the day off. One of Rachel's friends summed her up so well. Rachel had helped her with a homework item and she said "Rachel, you make the world a better place." Nice compliment from a teenage girl - couldn't have said it better myself!