Thursday, September 6, 2007

School Started

A GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT!! Our kitchen is FINALLY complete! No one is quite as happy as Mom, but she does deserve it! Here is a picture!

I started High School and like it so far. Our sports teams are doing fairly well. The last football game we won by 63. That's there for all you guys who are sports crazy! :-) Rachel seems to be happy, as usual. She likes most of her classes. Megan and Nathan both love their teachers and are doing well. Nathan started a hip hop class and all 3 of them begin basketball this week. He is extremely excited! He'll finally have somewhere to channel his endless energy. Dad is coaching one of the basketball teams and working hard. He traveled to Morristown this week but is in town most of the time.
Here are First Day of School Pictures:

Megan and Nathan (so cute!)

Rachel being as silly as ever!

Me in all of my short-hair glory. (Yuck!)