Sunday, October 31, 2010


Rachel is a sophomore at Lake Zurich High School - the Bears!

In August, she got her drivers permit and began driver's ed. It is a different experience to drive with her - she is much more chatty and more easily distracted than Lauren was. She does a good job though.

Rachel is one of a few sophomores in wind ensemble, the top band at the school. She has been asking for a new silver, top of the line trumpet for quite a while. So, she saved a lot of money to contribute towards the purchase of a Bach Stradivarius beautiful silver trumpet. Apparantly it makes a big difference in her playing - she recently outplayed 7 other upperclassman to get seated as 2nd chair. She LOVES music and playing in the band.

With friends in marching band uniforms, minus the hat and plume.

Here is a video of a portion of one of the half-time shows. She is in the 2nd row around the 35 yard line.


Megan started school in August as an 8th grader at Middle School South. Isn't she so cute?

Megan was on the basketball team with a bunch of her friends. She was amazing to watch and at the end of the season she was voted MVP.

Bryson, Megan's #1 Fan, came and watched many of Megan's games. He would always cheer really loud and it was so cute. At the end of a great game, he ran across the court and gave her a big hug.

This is one of Megan's many, many fantastic shots! I think it was a three pointer. She has a few weeks off before starting in with another team.