Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Megan just turned 17 years old, is halfway through her junior year, almost finished another basketball season, and is surprising even herself with her clarinet playing. Look at how darling her smile is, how focused and determined she looks on the court and the many cute ways she can fix her hair!  I am amazed at her dedication, determination, and discipline.  What an amazing young lady.

5:40 am on Tuesday Feb 4th before heading off to seminary.

7:00 pm Tuesday night after seminary, school, basketball practice and a team dinner.

8:00 pm Tuesday night taking a break for a snack before homework.

10:00 pm Tuesday night, showered and ready for gifts and more studying.

2 cute kids

Sunday was the next night Megan was home for dinner, so here is the after church breadstick snack.

We look a little bit alike, I think.

Cupcakes and oreo ice cream for dessert.  I love Megan's grin.

The Lake Zurich Varsity Basketball team, in height order.  Megan is #15 - 3rd from the front.

Megan took a weekend off of basketball to participate in the Illinois All-State Orchestra, which she was selected for.  The top high school instrument and vocal kids come together from all over the state and perform.  It was a great experience and wonderful music.

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